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I saw some photos of her (as opposed to the prototype) and I was worried she was going to be fugly, but she actually turned out quite nice. My biggest complaint is that...if you look at her from views other than front/back and 3/4...her clothes totally make her look fat. But she is nice. Maybe not 7800 yen nice, but nice. Also the box was way plain.

You know what I think a neat figure would be, though? Luke at the end with the Key of Lorelei pressed down into the ground. The base could be Eldrant-style tiles and he could have his jacket tails flying out behind him. It'd be awesome. Also suddenly -- final form Van would look way cool with that pattern on his arm and the feathers. And Asch...maybe doing that sword-close-to-face pose from the OP sequence, or kinda like when he's casting artes... Yeah. Forget it. Onward!

(This figure is not a toy. Ages 15 & up. >:/ !!!)

Front view. Yes, her hair's a little darker than in the stock photos.

3/4. Bangs in face? Check. Melons? Double check. This figure is very fanservice-y... like her costume was trimmed extra up under her arms. So more cleavage shows... The plus side of this is you can kind of tell how her costume goes together (the leotard-thing underneath). Also some nice details with creases/wrinkles/folds in the material.

See? She totally gained 50 lbs right there.

The base. Her staff is also really nice.

You can't read her expression at all like this.


Behind her? All ToA doujinshi and the TOA Perfect Guide. :| Also some artbooks (Gundam Wing, Gentlemen's Alliance Cross, Disney), TMM production material, and my lone pair of TMM doujinshi, and then you can see Mew Zakuro and Cure White to one side, and Japanese-related books, PSP/games and a few Japanese CDs (that's the 'ToA Last Episode' showing). I'll take some shots of my room after I...dust.
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