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In which I blah blah about doujin. I guess I should be doing this on [livejournal.com profile] selenaria but this is a little more comfy for me. If you don't care, skip the cut. XD

Anyway, a seller I like buying from was having a sale, so I picked up two doujin. In the end I ordered the two doujin that I hadn't planned on getting of the four I was considering. They are a big pile of cute.

The first is Adk! by ichitaro (http://www1.kcn.ne.jp/~ybj/ab/). It stands for "Anise desu kara". (I was wondering what it stood for, so!) Anyhow this is the first not-the-usual characters book I've gotten deliberately, and it focuses on Anise, Jade, and Ion, with one panel with Guy in it. It looked cute (albeit short - only 12 pages of actual story), but the selling point for me was the color pages in the front. They look really nice and vibrant and are labeled "episode 2, 3, 4"...referring to the anime episodes the scenes are taken from. This is a "betweener" story after Anise gets thrown from the Tartarus (you know, when she screams "I'll kill you bastards!!"). A bit shows what happened to Anise, and the rest has Jade and Ion talking about her.

The other is Flag Breakers by yuguru (http://yug.sub.jp/). I've seen some of this circle's stuff from the Love Message anthology and on pixiv. The art style is all super-deformed and really cavity-inducingly CUTE. They are also good at silly expressions. Anyway, this is split into three short comics. The first I like to call "carrot wars". (You know both Luke and Tear dislike carrots, right? Yeah, you see where this is going.) The second...I think longhair!Luke is all like "I'm not moving from this spot" and Tear gets all "brat plz" and picks him up and carries him somewhere else...and just drops him. XD The third is Tear and Mieu. Apparently Mieu got to keep Luke's diary and he starts talking about it -- even though he's not supposed to.

In other news, no I'm not dead? I've been (slowly) working on art stuffs. I've also been busy at work because it's the holidays. It's not really fair because I work super hard for three days to get everything done...to have one day off which I'll spend half of driving to/from and sitting around. Oh well. At least there will be turkey and at least work Friday should be super slow (although that's not necessarily a good thing either).

Date: 2010-11-25 03:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] the-other-onion.livejournal.com
Happy Thanksgiving!

...Those look quite adorable. As do the circles' sites...*stares at Arche*

Also. Someone in the Tales of studio definitely hates carrots. Someone always seems to dislike them in-game.

Date: 2010-11-25 04:47 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] the-other-onion.livejournal.com
Is that so? Perhaps I haven't paid enough attention to magical girls and the like, but I never noticed that, excluding the case of the aformentioned example. Because Asch, Luke, Genis, and Judas are the paragons of sparkly females.

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