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I need hugs.

It turns out Jake's condition was worse than we thought... He had fluid in and around his lungs as a result of some sort of heart disease. He's always had a heart murmur and they think it actually worsened... They said there was no cure and we could try to draw some of the fluid out (means he would have spent a miserable weekend at the emergency clinic), or... we could have him euthanized. That it might help temporarily but we'd likely be right back where we were, that he seemed to be suffering...

And that if it was their cat, they'd have him put down. So we decided that instead of prolonging his death and stressing him out with a trip to the clinic, since there was no hope... In short we gave him the consent to do it. And we're going to have him cremated. And neither of us (me and dad) could bear to see him one more time and my heart is just breaking and the tears won't stop and this reminds me of when I had to make the same call when Bubbles got sick and I hate it. And it's just so.

Rest in peace, Jake.
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