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In which I blah blah about doujin. I guess I should be doing this on [livejournal.com profile] selenaria but this is a little more comfy for me. If you don't care, skip the cut. XD

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In other news, no I'm not dead? I've been (slowly) working on art stuffs. I've also been busy at work because it's the holidays. It's not really fair because I work super hard for three days to get everything done...to have one day off which I'll spend half of driving to/from and sitting around. Oh well. At least there will be turkey and at least work Friday should be super slow (although that's not necessarily a good thing either).
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Hngh. Allergies. =_=;;

This is just me being a fangirl. I finally got "Senketsu no Asch" volume 2 in the mail today. It is LOVE. It's just a shame the second half of the game had to be crammed into so few pages. (About half the book is when Asch temporarily joins the party after Akzeriuth if that's any indication.) But the art is very pretty, and there's lots of Natalia and Dark Wings (and a little bit of Ginji), and there's a part where Asch faints and his little not!companions bandage him up and he's all bishie. Yeah. Will have to make icons eventually. Or scan a few pages or something.

Right now I need to clean and research different kinds of armor for my arts.

And try to resist screaming at my dad for being obnoxious.
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I dunno why but today has just been blah. Nothing bad actually happened, but I've been in an awful mood and can't get any decent art done. I was making some headway, but the coloring turned out poorly and it just looks ugly. And then I couldn't concentrate. It's really frustrating to keep trying when things go like that and it's like "how do I get back to where I was?"

A big chunk of today I spent playing ToA. That was frustrating too! Lol. I picked a very nonstrategic party to take on the boss in Megiorra Highlands, so I had to do it over three times (and knock the difficulty down to Hard) because I felt like a jerk when the timer ran out. Gahhhhhhh Ginji.

Also I am worried I'm going to miss the cut-off points for Yulia City Help sidequest and the Ant Lion Man. Because I have no miracle gel. And no maces. And Chesedonia is sold out. Also Asch was being a major douchebag at the Desert Oasis. I didn't remember him being that big of a douchebag. It made me want to throw things. He called Natalia an idiot and was saying dumb stuff. I should rewatch it just to make sure I caught all the crap coming out of that guy's mouth. XDD Ugh. Also if you have no context, you'd swear the guy was crazy, suicidal, and um... crazy. (...)

But I got to canon review for Frings and Cecille somewhat. :D I always hated the war stuff so this is the first time I'm really paying attention and squeeing. So now it's very like OH THAT IS WHEN THEY MET I SEE. It's so cute they're both worried about the party. I will figure those two out yet. Also debating switching up party members and replaying multiple times for that to see what variations I get quotes-wise. I haven't seen much so far, but it changes a little - specifically which party you throw Luke in; also if Guy goes to Kaitzur he tells Cecille to be careful and that throws her off.

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Roleplaying... I am way behind again. I'm hoping to kinda start over with the de-aging event at GB and just keep the logs going. At Ad Lib and PX I just have a few things to reply to and that mod event log (or two) to start. I think the de-aging event is going to be fun. I have ideas for Asch already, and Meer should also be interesting since I'm going to try to de-age her to before her surgery, but keep her knowledge of the SS Thor. That's a theme I've really come to like with her - the whole "what makes a person beautiful" deal. I feel so bad, though, because everyone's like "you're pretty! :D" and she's like "oh! well thank you very much! ♥" and a little part of her soul cries each time. :/

Hopefully tomorrow will be better for art. Ironically the one thing that came out looking decent was a rough draft/thumbnail sketch for what my fox piece might look like.
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So, I think I'm gonna make a "super special" account somewhere or other for art-related stuff. I used to post "in progress" photos back on DeviantArt and people seemed to like that, so I might keep up the trend.

But I am NOT planning on returning regularly to DeviantArt. XDD It takes forever to load on my computer, I hate the new layout(s), and also there's the whole weird copyright thing. @-@;; I've actually had my fan art published in an Italian magazine before, because it was right there on DeviantArt. I didn't know a thing about it until someone told me. :X

So yeah, be aware that anything you post online can and will be taken, including the credit!

Can you tell I'm trying to fire myself up? I'm trying to fire myself up!
I even made a rough schedule I likely have no hope of following, but hey. (One a week seemed reasonable.) Let's play art teacher, Cherry.

(Approximately 15 Weeks...?)
0.5 - Get Inspiration From Things Around You
1 - Trademark Fox - Colored Pencil, Realism, Small - How Does He Looks Now? :3
2 - Art from a Song - Pick a song you really like and convey it; your choice of media
3 - Paint a Landscape from a Photograph
4 - Wingin' It - Something with feathers or wings; your choice of media
5 - Anime Style - try turning anime/manga into fine art
6 - Missing the Beach - Find a Beach photo and revisit the seashore
7 - Tri-Color - make a work of art using only THREE colors
8 - Set Up a Still Life - sketch it out and paint it
9 - RPG Rearrange - Pick a video game and break it apart; put your favorite elements back together into something COMPLETELY different
10 - Paint Me a Mood - Pick an emotion; use color, shape, positioning, etc.
11 - Mixed Media - Mix as many mediums as you can to create a unique composition
12 - Black and White +1 - make a work of art using black and white and only ONE other color to make it pop
13 - FREE CHOICE /o/!!
14 - Art Prep/Finalization
15 - Art Prep/Finalization Part 2
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So I got a letter in the mail yesterday. Apparently the local art club that I won a college scholarship from is planning to put together a gallery of work by their scholarship recipients, and they want no more than 25% of the work to be NFS. RSVP date is September 1, and they're estimating a showing in December.

Meaning this could be a really good opportunity to not only get my artwork "out there", but to potentially make a little cash. The only problem is all my art is OLD, and there's nothing I'm proud enough of to sell, and I'd be embarrassed to show a lot of it. (Plus a ton is FAN ART which is a no-go, obviously.) And actually, during high school we worked from National Geographic magazine photographs a great deal. I hadn't quite grasped the "change it up and make it your own so it's not copyright infringement" rule yet. I also REALLY NEED A PORTFOLIO. I have essentially nothing to show, even if a job popped up that I wanted (which has sorta-kinda-almost happened already). So... yeah. This could potentially be a really awesome opportunity to get myself back in the game.

The question is... what sort of media/subject matter would work best? I'm thinking... landscapes, nature, still life... I know a lot of people don't even consider comic/animanga-style to be "art" (btw, I do, as long as it's "artistic"), so I wouldn't even bother taking more than one anime-inspired piece, if that. Then again... should I really limit myself to "safe" subject matter? Or should I try something a little different? (Don't get the wrong idea... all my art ends up being "cute".)

Media... eh... I could get away with colored pencils or acrylic no problem. I'm not as sure about marker work. Maybe if it was really detailed and had "texture". Watercolor I basically fail at. Maybe mixed media. Honestly, I'd rather get a bunch of thick canvases that I wouldn't have to cut out matboard for. Matting and mounting artwork is such a pain, and so many things can go wrong. I have several nightmare stories of the adhesive spray making a mess and getting everything sticky, or of cutting mats crookedly. /s-sob.

So yeah. Thoughts? What I really need to do is set some sort of a goal for myself. Like X_number of arts a week. And I need to finish old trades/requests while I'm at it, too.
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This meme... has nothing to do with anything, and I don't see where it proves anything. Wow. But whatever.

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In other news, my hand's bothering me a little bit again, and I'm wondering why most final episodes feel like they're lacking... something? I can only think of about 2-3 final episodes for anything that I felt were *really, really good*. But I do need to compile a list of stuff that makes me cry. For my own amusement.

Animated Dreams? tl;dr )

But I have furlough tomorrow. /o/ I am going to work on stuff and start my rewatch of "Spice and Wolf". And "Fushigi Yuugi". But Spicy Wolf is nice and short, so.

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Kukai update.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And a better shot of Utau. Nana and Nana back to back.
(Note: Nana Mizuki voices both Utau and Colette)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yeah, plenty of crap has happened, (traffic light breaking and me having a nerve-wracking time getting home, saw a cat at work, evil centipedes on the ceiling, the usual blahness, voice acting, drawing, much reading and anime watching) but nothing life-changing, so I don't feel like ranting about it. I really don't know.

Apparently we unknowingly adopted the deer herd, though. They are sleeping in our yard at night (as in laying down on their legs and chilling in plain view).

I'm so darn restless. I need something fun (and something that will not cause trouble) for me to do.

Maybe I should work on my Elishou AU! fic some more since I have people interested now. ^^;
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Star Player has been approved. I REALLY need to fix up the layout better, but if you are a fan of Kukai from Shugo Chara!, please join. :D


I'm still doing about the same. I have today to myself to record and work on my website(s) and whatnot. I keep telling my mom a lot of things are troubling me, but she just tells me to not worry about stuff, but I can't really help it. One of my more predominant worries are my feet (my nails) which look horrific.

Cut for those who might get squeamish. )

As for my anime list, both CLANNAD and Shugo Chara! are playing filler, which I do not like, although I feel slightly bad for mixing up part of the plot from the preview. The idea of forcing people to chara-transform isn't too bad of a tactic, but I wish they'd focus on the main/supporting cast as opposed to one-episoders and background characters. Really, Nagihiko will probably be what saves the beginning of this season. (If he ever shows up.)

Vampire Knight is staying interesting, and ef - a tale of melodies has finally started to crack through its confusing and cryptic atmosphere and I can once again say that I adore that series to death, with it's artsy presentation and often dreamlike story-telling. For example, Kuze seems as if he might have split personalities or have a bad prescription of medicine, so sometimes when he goes deep into thought or falls asleep he sees two copies of himself against a colorful inner-clock background. Each copy has half a mask. His image is centered around masks. On the other hand, when Yu is remembering his past, the series puts a border around those scenes as if it were a story book. Sunsetscapes are predominant, and the show will often cut away to images of other things, are switch art styles without explanation. It makes the show an acquired taste, since not a whole lot often happens, but for people who enjoy art or the surreal, or just looking at something beautiful, it does an interesting job of it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Art preview? =D


I have more started, this is just the most recent.

If I finish Lemon and Lentil and then draw and color Tiramisu, I get a break from drawing Mew Mews. =D

Oh, and the secret is revealed. My mom sent my dad back to buy the necklace while we were in the restroom and they kept it a secret all this time and were going to save it until Christmas. Sneaky.

Sky Jack. =P
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Oh gee, what to say?

Life is so dead right now, and though I managed to crank out that one-shot and a (rushed) review of "Koi Cupid" volume 01, not a lot is going on worth mentioning.

Things are about the same at my job and I basically spend my free time stalking auctions, reading, watching anime or occasionally TV (like Travel, History, Animal Planet, Discovery...), listening to music, or drawing. The last of which I've decided needs some research and experimentation. Well... I experimented with a new skin tone and lets just say it was a disaster. DO NOT ASK ME THE NAME OF THE POOR SOUL WHO SUFFERED MOST HORRIBLY FROM THIS MISTAKE(! DX) Sloppy coloring is sloppy. And I've experimented with watercolor paper too which is hard to ink on. I don't know.

Work and life is same. Life is boring, work is either dead or I'm given a bunch of stuff to keep me busy that I don't get too excited about, but I'm experimenting with ads too (more cautiously).

I got (and read already) Shinkuro 7 (for real this time) and Kitchen Princess 5. See? Im starting to catch up, and it might be soon because that cliff is going to bug me for ages. Need to snatch up half-priced volumes 2 and 3 of Pixie Pop on my way home from work next week too.

On a side note, does anyone know of any musical artists or seiyuu whose music I might like? Um, lately I've been listening to Cascada. I also like Within Temptation a bit. recently I realized I have a lot of Avril Lavigne songs, too (how did this happen?? I don't really like her as a person, but apparently a lot of her songs are catchy and/or fit what I'm looking for). Generally I like pop/rock music and nothing too heavy, and the language doesn't matter. I like ballads and upbeat music. I'm not picky, really, although I don't like music with lots of cursing and I'm not a big fan of rap music. Favorite seiyuu include Katsuyuki Konishi, Nana Mizuki, Shoko Nakagawa, etc.

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