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Hngh. Allergies. =_=;;

This is just me being a fangirl. I finally got "Senketsu no Asch" volume 2 in the mail today. It is LOVE. It's just a shame the second half of the game had to be crammed into so few pages. (About half the book is when Asch temporarily joins the party after Akzeriuth if that's any indication.) But the art is very pretty, and there's lots of Natalia and Dark Wings (and a little bit of Ginji), and there's a part where Asch faints and his little not!companions bandage him up and he's all bishie. Yeah. Will have to make icons eventually. Or scan a few pages or something.

Right now I need to clean and research different kinds of armor for my arts.

And try to resist screaming at my dad for being obnoxious.
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So, I think I'm gonna make a "super special" account somewhere or other for art-related stuff. I used to post "in progress" photos back on DeviantArt and people seemed to like that, so I might keep up the trend.

But I am NOT planning on returning regularly to DeviantArt. XDD It takes forever to load on my computer, I hate the new layout(s), and also there's the whole weird copyright thing. @-@;; I've actually had my fan art published in an Italian magazine before, because it was right there on DeviantArt. I didn't know a thing about it until someone told me. :X

So yeah, be aware that anything you post online can and will be taken, including the credit!

Can you tell I'm trying to fire myself up? I'm trying to fire myself up!
I even made a rough schedule I likely have no hope of following, but hey. (One a week seemed reasonable.) Let's play art teacher, Cherry.

(Approximately 15 Weeks...?)
0.5 - Get Inspiration From Things Around You
1 - Trademark Fox - Colored Pencil, Realism, Small - How Does He Looks Now? :3
2 - Art from a Song - Pick a song you really like and convey it; your choice of media
3 - Paint a Landscape from a Photograph
4 - Wingin' It - Something with feathers or wings; your choice of media
5 - Anime Style - try turning anime/manga into fine art
6 - Missing the Beach - Find a Beach photo and revisit the seashore
7 - Tri-Color - make a work of art using only THREE colors
8 - Set Up a Still Life - sketch it out and paint it
9 - RPG Rearrange - Pick a video game and break it apart; put your favorite elements back together into something COMPLETELY different
10 - Paint Me a Mood - Pick an emotion; use color, shape, positioning, etc.
11 - Mixed Media - Mix as many mediums as you can to create a unique composition
12 - Black and White +1 - make a work of art using black and white and only ONE other color to make it pop
13 - FREE CHOICE /o/!!
14 - Art Prep/Finalization
15 - Art Prep/Finalization Part 2
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Don't let me go shopping anymore! @-@

Well, first we went to the art show. Some of the work was really awesome and it really made me want to try experimenting with my camera and finish some paintings I had started. I want to paint landscapes/animals again. ^^;;

Then we ate Arbys. Yay~ --man, why do the neighbors have to ride a 4-wheeler through the woods every single afternoon? It's so distracting. I hate it. People mow at the worst times, too. At least the deer aren't scared of it. Lawl.

Then we went to the used bookstore. Looked around and finally found a small stack of manga. (Lawl they had TMM 4). Anyway, they were only $1.50 each! Ahh! So I grabbed the ones I was interested in - they had Dream Saga 2 & 3 (never bought them and now you can't find them), Cyber Idol Mink 1 (I've been wanting to read this for a while thanks to Satou-chan) and Card Captor Sakura 6 (I don't have any CCS manga anymore, but they're the nice versions with the color art and it's the end/SyaoranxSakura confession~ *heart*).

Then we went to Barnes & Noble where I was determined to snatch up Shugo Chara! 4 once and for all. I also got S.A. 1.

THEN we went to Big Lots and... they had some anime. First I saw an Angel Tales boxset... I do not know much about the series (I didn't get it), but then I saw the Galaxy Angel box set behind it for $10. It's special edition and has two mini clear boards and five mini figures and some pamphlets. So I slink over to my mom and I'm like "Look what I found...? =D" Well, I paid for my stuff. ^^; The only thing my mom bought me was I wanted a tear-off calendar for my desk for next year and I saw one advertized as "cute/adorable!!" with all these baby animal pictures and it was the last one. Come on, how can you resist a little baby red panda? So I asked her to get it for me for Christmas. ^^; I think staring at cute animals each day would put a smile on my face. ^^; I love cute things, okay? Who doesn't?

So that's my shopping excursion. e-e; Well, they were mostly bargains, so I spent like $40 in the end which isn't terrible... For six books and a boxset? Granted two of the books look like they've been sitting in a basement for a while, but still, that's doing okay, right? And I'm helping the economy!! (Not really but I can dream. ^^;)

Now to clean and paint. =D!
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So I was "sick" again this morning until lunch. I didn't have Chinese food this time, so I'm not sure why I felt so bad, but it was pretty horrible. I almost asked to leave.

Well, there was not much to do, but I got my main real estate page done as much as I possibly could. I/we left early every day this week... eeh. e-e;

My sticker/stationery furoku came but nothing else has. e-e; And this I ordered most recently. Anyway, the stationery is too cute. The envelope and pages are styled like teabags/teabag packaging. It's supposed to be "Extra Quality Sweet Strawberry Tea". Lawl, go figure. I know we joke about strawberry cake, but apparently Ichigo actually makes strawberry tea. Let's all get our facts straight from now on. /joke

Tomorrow I'm going to an art show with my mom and to another used bookstore. Maybe I can finish "I, Coriander" tonight so I can start "Singer" over the weekend. I also need to record this weekend. Ran, Miwa, Masha... lots of screeching. Yeah.

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