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I think I'm finally kicking some creative block. I managed to polish off a rusty muse, and tags at other games are going a lot easier than they were. Now I just need to do some art this weekend!

I really wanted to join another game, but I really, REALLY do not think I'm capable of that right now, so I'm just tentatively considering apping another character at Ad Lib. I'd also talked about sending Frings to Gargleblasted, which I'd still like to do, but I definitely want to research more first and get a good, solid voice going for him before I jump into anything. I am on a Frings/Cecille kick. They're my new Shou/Liz or something. Only not.

Anyway, I still haven't canon reviewed for any of the Tales games besides Abyss, so my possible pick-ups at Ab Lib are limited to (and I think the problems with a lot of them should be pretty obvious): Anise, Cecille, Largo, Legretta, Mieu, Natalia, Tear, Yulia

Also open to one of the Dark Wings or Ginji. One day I want to see a Dark Wings trio. Someone make one with me?

Also. I NEED A NEW EMAIL ACCOUNT. Yahoo keeps changing up everything obnoxiously and I keep having to go in and disable things. I was using their old layout, but they seem to have screwed me over and forced me to update finally. SUGGESTIONS FOR EMAIL SERVICES? Suggestions for a username?

Lastly books. I am reading "The Daily Coyote" by Shreve Stockton. It's really interesting! /o/ It's non-fiction. It's about this lady from NYC who decides to move to Wyoming. Anyway she's staying with her love interest who happens to hunt coyotes for a living and one day he brings her a baby coyote and gives her the option of raising it. She accepts, so she raises this coyote puppy up in a community where people aren't exactly accepting of coyotes because they're worried about their livestock. Anyhow, she's a photographer, so she starts sending a photo of Charlie (the coyote) daily to friends and family, it spreads, and eventually spawns a mailing list and a blog. To summarize.
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The How's My Driving? Meme

I have very little to say. I'm reading "Wren's War" right now. I love these books very much. I finished "The Book of Three" last week and really liked it. Eilonwy and Gurgi are my favorites. As far as my ToA replay, I just cleared Shurrey Hill yesterday I'm in the Zao Ruins (pt. 2) now and just defeated the Dawn Age giant scorpion thing.

And I got my invoice from SMJ. It looks like what I ordered will literally turn into my self-present once all the fees and shipping are added in (birthdays are paid holidays at work). The shipping, commission, and wire fees basically doubled (+) the winning bid price. I suspected as much, but still. Eeeh. Somewhat less fun, but still cheaper than eBAY.
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(aka: [livejournal.com profile] thumbs, I'm an hour early but I want to be close-to-first. Ffff! D: )

I guess I owe a real life post.

Work went through an evil phase of me doing a bunch of involved things that I really shouldn't have to do (it's not really my job to do them, and it's the customer/sales reps jobs to get us what we need to make ads look satisfactory, IMHO, but they don't). The sales reps keep giving me the "oh, but you do it so well~" cop-out and I have realized the short answer: I'm the one that will go above and beyond the call of duty. I'm the perfectionist. I'm the one who will struggle through an ad, rebuild from scratch if necessary, etc, etc... when everyone else puts a foot down and goes "Heck no, I ain't doing that!". Last week I rebuilt three jewelry wrappers (large pages separate from the rest of the paper that are bundled around the paper). This week I rebuilt a car ad with SIXTY-FREAKING-FIVE cars in it. And they had to be in price order on each row. And the boxes switch between black and white, so I had to change the colors back around on quite a few of the objects. I also had to open up all sixty-or-so pictures and convert them all to .tif, CMYK, 300dpi. WHAT. FUN~! [/sarcasm]. So, yeah. Basically I am the little "sweet" (not!) perfectionist who will get your ad done as nicely as humanly possible. Do I get thanks for it? No, not really... [sigh] But on the bright side, larger ads cost like THOUSANDS of dollars, and lots of people see them, so even though nobody knows I made them, I at least have an audience and at least the customers are pleased sometimes. And occasionally I hear about how pleased they were. I guess my employers can't complain too much.

The storm last night? It was actually pretty severe. Rain dumped on us in torrents from like 10-something for the next hour straight. It lightning/thundered pretty bad and didn't end until 1 or 2 AM at which point my dad sawing logs in his sleep woke me up. Seriously it got really bad as soon as I logged off. But no, I didn't hide in a closet like Haruhi. Although I did lay down on my floor with a book until it calmed down a bit.

So, book talk. I finished the Jane Lindskold book I was reading which turned out to be pretty good, if still feeling too much like a summary of a book. Interesting plot twists near the end. One was obvious, the other not-so-much, but it's pretty common as far as plot twists go.

The book I'm starting now I've had for a while and got as a Bargain Book at Books-a-Million. It's part of a series (one of the later/last books and completely readable on its own, although now I'm kinda interesting in reading the others). Anyway, the interesting thing about "Singer in the Snow" is that it has a lot of things that coincidentally remind me of Tales of the Abyss. Pfft! I'm not kidding, okay?

So they have these people called Singers/Cantors/Cantrixes who sing/use an instrument (filla/filhata) to create music. This music then creates light/heat and can be used to perform magic (healing/calming/light stuff mostly). I don't know, but this reminded me a lot of Abyss' Melodists (for the uninitiated: Tear Grants is one) and the whole fonon/fonic hymns thing. The Oracle Knights in Abyss also have ranks that are ranks in the system in this book (which are music terms)... ie. Maestro/Maestra and Cantor. The other coincidence? There's a character named Luke. XDD Only this one is a stable hand and basically a normal person whereas the Abyss one is a noble. Maybe I'm just easily amused, but either way, I find the music/magic relationship cool, and the book is quite good so far.

Before I get off the Abyss topic, I know some people on my Flist here follow the Abyss manga... Do any of you know if there have been chapters with Tear flashbacks yet? I'm still looking for a few more younger!Tear images for a roleplaying event over on [livejournal.com profile] memento_eden, although I broke down and got a paid account/extension for her and have like 93 icons. Well, I kept switching icons out and realized I had made about 50 out of anime caps, so I went ahead and got paid for the next two months.

Well, one week until my Niagara Falls trip! I'm really excited! Although I think it's a shame that most of the time will be spent riding in a bus to Canada. Only one day actually there. (I'll be gone next Saturday thru Monday.) I went by Gamestop last weekend and was going to get the first Star Ocean game for my PSP, but then I decided to ask if they had a used copy of Tales of Phantasia... and they did! So I got it for like $8. =D Only thing is it's hard going back to piddly little Gameboy games and a really sloooow battle system. But I love what I've seen of the characters so far, so I think it'll be all right. I still plan to get that Arche figure eventually, but not until after I get back. I also need to finish off the Abyss trading figures... >_>;; Poor Guy's surrounded by women.

Still roleplay-related. I have decided I should research the other canons of characters I roleplay with that I don't know (and luckily I know some of them already). Like today I watched a fan anime project for Touhou Project to get a better feel for Aya and Reimu (since I have interacted with both of them), and my mind's vision was completely off. I had watched an episode of Soul Eater like a month ago and I realized I was a little misguided there, too. So I'd like to experiment with watching some of the other canons so I can read everyone's posts correctly and with a little extra insight. You know when you read a book and you get a vision of a character that's completely different from a movie version of the character, and sometimes completely different even from the book's description of the character? It's like that. Like in Firekeeper I never imagined Sir Jared ("Doc") looking as he is described. In my brain his hair is not black (I believe I read a few books ago that it was black anyway x-x). And I don't like beards, so I imagine characters without beards even when they supposedly have them. Stuff like that. Seriously. Give me a canon to check out if you want.

Still roleplay-related. Five-year-old Tear and three-year-old Lloyd at once... I still say I'm crazy for that one. But at least I'll be crazy all at once and not have to go back and forth between serious and moe!/kiddie. I'm... I'm looking forward to playing the moeblob. OMG. You have no idea.

So yeah, I'll end this essay...

And I'll steal this from [livejournal.com profile] regalblaze while I'm at it.

Ask me a question about my roleplaying characters in context of the game. It can be any question, about relationships, history, plans, what they're doing right now, romance, what they want to do, their favorite comfort foods, anything. It just has to be about the character in game context. I will do my best to answer the question in as much detail as possible.

(Tear Grants, Lloyd Irving and Ren Tsuruga in Memento Eden; Anyone I have played in Kokoro; Yuan, Martel, Lloyd and Tear in Ad Libitum.)
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Bookstore report part 256?

Yes, right. I went in for Shugo Chara! volume 6 which came out at the end of last month. Right? Right.
...... And doggonit Skip Beat! 18 was out and there was only one copy and my brain was going "OMGGETITGETITNAO!!". XD I think I literally swooped down and grabbed it. The guy reading manga in the T-Z section probably noticed without me complaining "Why do they all always come out at the same time?". I only regret that I got so amused I was snerking in the car and felt the need to explain to my mom how... erm... "dramatic" Kyoko is. Not that she cares, but when I randomly laugh at what I'm reading, I feel strange. Like I need to explain it.

So, yes! It was a lovely volume, and it gave me a whole monologue about Ren. Not that I can use much of it to help my roleplaying, but it did shed a teeny bit of light on his overly mysterious self. And I love how Kyoko was drawn in her role. You could totally see the resemblance to who she was using as her inspiration for the role. And it was kind of scary. But in a good way! (Also: "Tsuruga-ism"?)

As for the other book I'm reading, "When the Gods are Silent" is an older book by Jane Lindskold (author of the Firekeeper Saga I truly love and would recommend to any fantasy/"she-talks-to-animals" fans). I must say it's not as good as I had hoped, and I'm not sure she (Lindskold) should write books under 600 pages. Well, it's got a good premise, but it feels like I'm reading a synopsis. They're on a journey and keep going from town to town, but they never stay anywhere for more than a few pages. Long enough to name the town, describe its commerce and politics, have Bryax and Rabble both fight something and get drunk and then move on. I can see a lot of parallels to Firekeeper, though. Rabble, like Firekeeper, seems to have a connection to her animals, though not as strong, they both get seasick, they're both strong female leads that are practically untameable... also some of the ideas are the same: magic disappearing, references to dieties, animals that almost act human, and that detail the author has for describing the different sorts of cultures she creates. One sounded suspiciously like the New Kelvinese. A little. It was only a phrase on a page, however.

Otherwise, I've basically been roleplaying. Too much A lot at Memento Eden. Not so much at Ad Libitum. Well, at Ad Lib I feel the need to always reply with paragraphs because Katana and CryptGirl always leave me nice long replies. I promise I'll get to it! I'll get back to Yuan and his crankyness. D=

But back to Memento Eden. I'll just apologize now for trying to be humorous. Haaa...

And... it still frightens me that people keep doing the "Lllloydddd~" thing. Four times. Fangirls.
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Agh, go way! Your presence is not wanted and the next time I see you I shall grab you by one of your ugly little wimpy legs and roast you on a fire! BAH! Leavemealone! NOW! The world doesn't need more ugly, obnoxious creatures in it!

I hate theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem. Why can't they just go away?! T_T WAH.


So I was bad and had too much fun at the bookstore. They restocked Skip Beat! volume 17! YAY!
.....I don't know what to think of Ren anymore. How am I supposed to play this guy? What is he? God's chosen or some-- well, no spoilers here. XD

Kitchen Princess 9... insane plot twist of DOOM. What? WHHHAAAAT?! Fff...

And I also got Skip Beat! 2. Trying to fill the gap in my collection.

They had like 20 copies of Vampire Knight 6. I am NOT even exaggerating. It was crazy.

And my not-so-much like of carbonated drinks has escalated! I can live... without them.

But chocolate and Japanese food? No. They were much appreciated this weekend.

/end hyper post
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This week sucked. I could write a book on all the miniature disasters which made it that way. Can only hope a weekend of "me" time will make me feel better.

Started "Light On Snow". The writing style is really simple, and it makes it a little choppy and difficult to read after what I'm used to. (I think it's trying to stay neat and simple because it's written in first person and the girl is twelve at the time.) But it's fairly interesting so far, I guess.

Someone bought the used manga I was finally gonna get, though. And it'd been there for months and no one touched it before. ;-; orz

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