Dec. 1st, 2009 02:05 pm
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Someone remind me never to go anywhere with my dad again. He was bitching the entire way back and it made for a very long and unpleasant ride home.

Also I am probably going to grump today because I don't know how much sleep I actually got. You know when you think you've been asleep for X number of hours only to find out it hasn't been nearly as long? Well I thought it must be at least 4 or 5 AM or something. Checked the clock and it was only something after midnight. Either way, I don't remember being asleep for any length of time last night - just listening to the snoring chorus and wondering how much trouble I would have gotten into for sleeping in the bathtub or something. No seriously, I did think about it because I was tired and couldn't fall asleep. Can't really hold snoring against people, I know, but I can at least be indignant that Dad called me "Sleeping Beauty" this morning and used rude methods of trying to get me out of bed - yanking at the covers, throwing the curtains back, making lots of noise... =_=;;; He then proceeded to laugh about me kicking and punching at him, saying waking me up was like putting your hand in a beehive. No. Kidding. >=/

*grump grump*

Anywho, I'll try to start on the Christmas cards tonight. So far I'm sending three. If anyone else wants one, just say so.


Sep. 26th, 2009 12:04 pm
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Dad... The grass is wet... why did you have to start mowing at 9 AM while I was trying to sleep in for another hour or two...? Also, now the house smells like wet, cut grass. Very unpleasant. Also! You do not ask me if you woke me up two hours after you woke me up. That's just rubbing my nose in it. Fffft!

Also, Disney's "The Black Cauldron" does not do the books any justice. At all. But I like how Eilonwy's bauble floats in the Disney version.
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Thanks Dad for mowing and stuff at 9AM when I wanted to sleep in.

But, but...

Mommy, how did you ever get your hands on this? ;_; I know you don't order stuff online and unless the gift shoppe gets catalogues from the Bass Pro shop (doubtful), I can't imagine how/when/who you managed to snatch up the fox necklace that I saw during vacation but refused to buy because it was too expensive. I mean, you couldn't even have bought it when we were there when I wasn't paying attention because there was no one behind the jewelry counter...

JHkhdkahdkahdkahsd!!! ;_; Thank you.

Mega fail.

Oct. 11th, 2008 05:46 pm
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I have this bad feeling that this weekend is going to suck...

We went to Cracker Barrel and it was like the first time in AGES we had room for dessert - well they don't have the chocolate cobler right now that they've had FOREVER because they're promoting some coca cola chocolate cake. Okay, fine...

My mom gets me a boston creme pie for my birthday. I was excited because I had correctly guessed what she was hiding in the fridge and I told her it was my birthday WEEKEND, so why wait until Monday? We open the box and it looks like it self-combusted.
It really looked bad.
Like dirt that had been rained and pooped on and then dried and become flakey. I am not exaggerating.

Not to mention Monday my dad has to sleep so all day I basically have to be quiet when I had planned to knock out the remainder of my Shugo Chara! and Mew Mew Power lines...

Was going to take clippings of my willow because it had some sprouts on it a few weeks ago. Well guess what? It's all dried up now and there ARE NO sprouts. I can't do anything to save Yggy.

And we have scary creepy turtles that look like vampires. My mom found one on its back and turned him over to help him out. So then she asked me if he did that or if something else did it and I said a predator probably did that. Then I wanted to see him but he was mad scary. I like turtles but he looked vicious... and he was only a box turtle. What's worse is he wouldn't move an inch. I threw a walnut over at him and it bounced off the tree he was under. Didn't even blink. At all. Staaaaaaaaarrreee. Nothing. ::shudder:: Not Minoru, definitely. D=

So yeah.

How lovely. =/

But the kittens at Petsmart were adorable... I wanted to take them home with me. Especially the mischief maker and the one-eyed Mama that I'm convinced was part albino or something? Or are most white cats this way? She was white with tan around the face. One eye had been stitched shut but her one eye was this pretty grey-blue and her pupil had a reddish sheen to it. The mischievous one was white and grey (shorthair). His long-haired companion was so pretty too. One of the littler kittens was staring at me kinda cross-eyed. It was so charming. I love kitties. ;_; LOVE. KITTIES. ::fangirl: T_T
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A chubby, naughty puppy who doesn't listen. Only he isn't cute.

Chocolate makes him sick if he eats it at night.
Mom made cookies.
He begs for a cookie and I try to stop him for his own good.
He whines and asks mom if he can have one; she says I had one.
He goes around me for a cookie.
He proceeds to comment on how they smell bad and how they look "Halloweeny". Hello, candycane stripes are for Christmas. He then comments about how it will probably cause gas.
He eats it and proceeds to drop part of it in the sink by accident and has to go dig it out.
He asks if he can eat it, and mom's like "was it less than three seconds?"
Me: "It was more like ten."
Her: "I wouldn't eat it."
Him: "I guess I'll have to get another cookie."

Good Lord in Heaven. ._.
Why are men so obnoxious and agravating? And they never listen.

Then he's all like "Lindsey, go to bed! D:"

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
He doesn't understand me at all. He has no respect or consideration for anyone.
Why? Why? Whyyyy? @_@
Please turn him into a gentleman one day. Soon.

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