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This week sucked. I could write a book on all the miniature disasters which made it that way. Can only hope a weekend of "me" time will make me feel better.

Started "Light On Snow". The writing style is really simple, and it makes it a little choppy and difficult to read after what I'm used to. (I think it's trying to stay neat and simple because it's written in first person and the girl is twelve at the time.) But it's fairly interesting so far, I guess.

Someone bought the used manga I was finally gonna get, though. And it'd been there for months and no one touched it before. ;-; orz
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My pitiful attempts:

Prologue - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4597939/1/Black_Roses_Red

Ch. 1, Pt. 1 - http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4597939/2/Black_Roses_Red

It took me all night to figure out how to make Liz's daddy behave.

There's so much crap I need to do. Really.

I re-read and read the new chapter of TMMalm ReDux. I played with layout colors at work when there was nothing to do. I got Japanese takeout and even my book is finally, FINALLY after 140 pages of blahness, getting INTERESTING. The lack of "real magic" in this book has suddenly turned into something epic and vaguely similar to the Tales of Symphonia setup. Instead of Summon Spirits the world has four wardens - one for each direction (or for each quarter of the globe, N, S, E, W). I won't say any more, but the whole balance thing from ToS is there. Ah, and I love Tyrian. Such a great character. Farris and her temper is amusing too. Still, it's not enough to distract me very much from the fact that I am bored (to avoid using other words). Let's say it that way - I'm bored. So rant-typing to whoever the heck lurks in the shadows of the internet and whatever digital creatures exist is my way with coping with this boredom, since I can't pull a Haruhi Suzumiya.
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Agh. I am so ronery it is killing me. =_=
I have no right to say so, however, since I don't talk much when I actually have someone willing to talk to me. I'm like a cat, I guess. Meagan called me a cat. (She was a wolf. It worked.)

So I got to work. Same old, same old.

My mom sent me flowers (I had joked about her doing that for my birthday) at work and gave me an embarassing card. I think the flowers were paid more mind than I have in the three months I have been down there. It wasn't until AFTER they were delivered that people even asked me about my birthday. I wore my necklace to work, too.

The strawberries are a pillowcase my mom made for me during college. I have another one with kitties on it and some with geishas. My mom is very talented with a sewing machine. =3

As for work at work, it was dead today. Very, very dead. I think I know most everything going on in the world that interests me. Oh, and by the way, gray wolves in the Northern Rockies are going back to endangered status a mere seven months after they were removed from the list.

Got home and found Arcia's letter and entry for my Ichigo contest and my DVD from SMJ, so I got to watch episode 36 in Japanese, on an official Japanese DVD. It was kinda cool. But I liked the letter better. =D

And I will be writing you back as soon as I can. Isn't the envelope adorable? ^^

The case was cracked so I switched it into another case, but the DVD itself was new and sealed. For anyone curious, vol. 6 has episodes 31-36 and no extras to speak of except for really nice printing on the package art. Oh, and there's an insert with prices and release dates for DVDs and CDs, but that's about it. The menu's pretty basic as well, and when you select a specific episode from the main menu, the clip will play in the sub menu, otherwise it's a still image. In the case of episode 36, the still image is Ryou's showerhead and the clip is of Ryou taking a shower and Keiichiro talking with Ichigo about Ryou's "style".

Main menu

I've also been working on researching for my TMM prequel (aka my Shirogane-tachi AU), and I even got my mom to help. I am trying to find a good song for each year and each chapter will represent a year starting from Professor Shirogane (still Jishou in this because I'd feel bad renaming him) comes to America (still New York =P) until whenever I end up stopping it due to lack of interest on my part or that of whoever will actually read it. Going by the manga timeline, I figured Ryou would be born around 1985, and I'm starting the fanfic in 1970. The 80's is full of great music, but the 70's are a little harder for me. So far I have "Your Song" for 1970 and "Time in a Bottle" for 1973. =) Anyway, I'll definitely be learning while I write this. I'm just stuck because I'm not sure what kind of a person Ilan is. Well, in this he is a stock broker. I'm obviously influenced by the news, huh?
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Oh gee, what to say?

Life is so dead right now, and though I managed to crank out that one-shot and a (rushed) review of "Koi Cupid" volume 01, not a lot is going on worth mentioning.

Things are about the same at my job and I basically spend my free time stalking auctions, reading, watching anime or occasionally TV (like Travel, History, Animal Planet, Discovery...), listening to music, or drawing. The last of which I've decided needs some research and experimentation. Well... I experimented with a new skin tone and lets just say it was a disaster. DO NOT ASK ME THE NAME OF THE POOR SOUL WHO SUFFERED MOST HORRIBLY FROM THIS MISTAKE(! DX) Sloppy coloring is sloppy. And I've experimented with watercolor paper too which is hard to ink on. I don't know.

Work and life is same. Life is boring, work is either dead or I'm given a bunch of stuff to keep me busy that I don't get too excited about, but I'm experimenting with ads too (more cautiously).

I got (and read already) Shinkuro 7 (for real this time) and Kitchen Princess 5. See? Im starting to catch up, and it might be soon because that cliff is going to bug me for ages. Need to snatch up half-priced volumes 2 and 3 of Pixie Pop on my way home from work next week too.

On a side note, does anyone know of any musical artists or seiyuu whose music I might like? Um, lately I've been listening to Cascada. I also like Within Temptation a bit. recently I realized I have a lot of Avril Lavigne songs, too (how did this happen?? I don't really like her as a person, but apparently a lot of her songs are catchy and/or fit what I'm looking for). Generally I like pop/rock music and nothing too heavy, and the language doesn't matter. I like ballads and upbeat music. I'm not picky, really, although I don't like music with lots of cursing and I'm not a big fan of rap music. Favorite seiyuu include Katsuyuki Konishi, Nana Mizuki, Shoko Nakagawa, etc.
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Story Title: Heure de Départ

Rating: K+ for a kiss and a mention of child molesting (don't ask), and that's it.

Summary: Sometimes it's better when you don't take the train. That's when Ichigo meets Ryou who enlists her help in tracking wandering ghosts and settling a misunderstanding that goes beyond the grave.

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4519666/1/Heure_de_D_part
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...I never understood that superstition.

I decided to enter a RxI AU fanfic competition after one of the gals from FF.NET PMed me to tell me about it. I wasn't going to enter, and then I thought it might do me some good to enter something, and then I came up with a [debatably] really good idea. Unfortunately, the way I set it up, the story is a little cramped, and there's still no fluff halfway through it. ^^; I'm so awful... I even -like- fluff, but yanno, in fanfics some of the fluff ends up being generic and it all sounds the same. I know a lot of fanfics by new authors tend to have the same fluff when they read the same other fanfics by older authors. Not saying anyone copies me in that department, but I do remember a few things that got absorbed into the Ryou-centric fanfic community - mostly regarding his kitty side. XDD It's kind of funny and embarrassing at the same time.

Anyway, I will probably plug the fanfic when it gets finished. Feel free to read it if you're interested... it still has no fluff yet, so I'm iffy about forcing it in there at the end. I guess we'll see what happens. Anyway, it's similar to the original TMM universe, only Ryou enlists Ichigo's help to communicate with ghosts. [And yes, ghosts still scare the pee outta her.] Ryou's a scientist still, yeah, but he's researching urban myths like crop circles and ghosts, and other things that can't be explained. Why is he so set on having her track them down? Apparently he and his dad had a big fight before he was killed in an accident and Ryou is determined to let his dad's wandering spirit rest in peace. Yeah, I don't know either, but it was cool when it was in my head as a random idea. I blame Casper.

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