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Jul. 20th, 2010 10:20 pm
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The How's My Driving? Meme

I am seriously down to three that actually count. I don't even.
In other news my workplace is fast becoming a war zone. No really. It is.
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The How's My Driving? Meme

I have very little to say. I'm reading "Wren's War" right now. I love these books very much. I finished "The Book of Three" last week and really liked it. Eilonwy and Gurgi are my favorites. As far as my ToA replay, I just cleared Shurrey Hill yesterday I'm in the Zao Ruins (pt. 2) now and just defeated the Dawn Age giant scorpion thing.

And I got my invoice from SMJ. It looks like what I ordered will literally turn into my self-present once all the fees and shipping are added in (birthdays are paid holidays at work). The shipping, commission, and wire fees basically doubled (+) the winning bid price. I suspected as much, but still. Eeeh. Somewhat less fun, but still cheaper than eBAY.
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The only thing that's really changed since last time is that I now play Kratos over at Ad Libitum (and as a consequence dropped Yuan and Lloyd there).

The How's My Driving? Meme

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