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I need hugs.

It turns out Jake's condition was worse than we thought... He had fluid in and around his lungs as a result of some sort of heart disease. He's always had a heart murmur and they think it actually worsened... They said there was no cure and we could try to draw some of the fluid out (means he would have spent a miserable weekend at the emergency clinic), or... we could have him euthanized. That it might help temporarily but we'd likely be right back where we were, that he seemed to be suffering...

And that if it was their cat, they'd have him put down. So we decided that instead of prolonging his death and stressing him out with a trip to the clinic, since there was no hope... In short we gave him the consent to do it. And we're going to have him cremated. And neither of us (me and dad) could bear to see him one more time and my heart is just breaking and the tears won't stop and this reminds me of when I had to make the same call when Bubbles got sick and I hate it. And it's just so.

Rest in peace, Jake.
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This house is going to drive me nuts.

So like a week ago we took Jake (our cat) in to have his teeth cleaned, and he was very unhappy and indignant about that but he was doing fairly okay until a few days later when he started yanking his hair out - something he's never really done before. The vet said it was probably stress or maybe his ears were bugging him (they cleaned them too when he got his teeth worked on), so they gave him a shot to hopefully calm him down a little and make his ears stop itching.

So then Jake was a little mopey, but not too much, but now he's gotten REALLY mopey and hasn't been eating much. Jake is ruled by food, so this is a pretty clear sign he's not feeling so hot. Mom calls the vet and he tells her to keep an eye on him and if he doesn't get better in a few days to bring him in.

So now both of my parents are worried about the cat, and mom keeps likening it to when Peppermint got sick. But there is one GLARING difference. Peppermint had feline leukemia. He was also the runt, He only lived for two years, the last few months of which we fed him with a syringe. But Jake passed his senior screening with flying colors and has always been healthy aside from some trouble with his ears getting dirty. So dad's acting all tsundere and jerkish and worried and mom's feeling all guilty and helpless and worried. (Because she took him to get his teeth cleaned even though she was on the fence about it and dad didn't want her to and "now look what's happened".) And I'm worried to some extent but up until recently have not been too largely concerned about the whole thing.

Now? I'm at the point where I'm mentally unsuring and wondering to myself if maybe there actually was something to my thinking Jake felt like he'd lost a little weight. But the thing that gets to me most is the fact that mom's nearly teared up twice tonight over the cat (I'm not so heartless that I'm unaffected by my mom crying...) and she KEEPS COMPARING IT TO PEPPER. Mom please quit being paranoid or else you're going to make yourself feel even worse. Jake is not Pepper. We're all keeping an eye on him and if things don't get better, we'll take him back to the vet...
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Oh gosh, what do I take a picture of today? I don't want them all to be anime stuff - which would have been easy today. Hm...

How about Jake?

...well, I ended up getting some horribly amusing shots of my horribly annoyed kitty. He didn't like the flash at all, nor did he like being catnapped and forced to pose.

So I'm giving you the silliest one.

I listened to Abba songs all day... And my thoughts amused me greatly.

If I could do a cosplay skit. Ichigo and the girls at the cafe singing "Money Money Money" with Ryou looking bored. With dance moves and air-brooming and picket signs to protest overworked and not enough pay. That and Liz belting out chipper 80's tunes was enough to make me giggle at least once.

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