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So I was looking up Skip Beat! clips trying to find something showing the curse dolls because I mentioned them in AL blast (we were talking about Dist) and I stumbled across this amazing Skip Beat! Megamix video that a bunch of people contributed to, and I thought I'd share it. :DDD *bricked*

This seriously makes me want to make a Sho or Maria journal for the heck of it. Fff... *needs to rewatch this show for lulz*

This series never fails to amuse me except for all the recent cliffhangers and confusion. Gosh.
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New favorite cutscene. Although the cake one was amusing, too.

Mieu Wings is the best thing ever.
And I totally called that "how cute" because I said it first.

In other news, my fish tried to commit suicide while I was cleaning the fishbowls. I always use a cup because I hate the idea of freaking them out using a net, but they don't like the cup either and Roy like... flipped the heck out and almost jumped out of the cup. Then I panicked. I think I was more scared than he was, but we made it. X_X!! And they are now clean. Stupid fish... agh!
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Finally got my first/maybe last Tales of the Abyss AMV sort of done and uploaded somewhere, no thanks to Movie Maker. Not sure how long until it gets removed, so... if anyone's interested, I'm embedding it from vimeo. It has some spoilers (uh... the ending, Van battles) but, I don't think anyone who hasn't played the game will really understand exactly what's going on, but be kinda "WTC??". XD Also there's some random editing, so some scenes don't really go together. It's all anime footage and there's a lot of Luke and Tear (I'm warning you now, I just said "a lot")... and Van, but pretty much everybody, although I did leave the God-Generals out for the most part, except Legretta/Regret. But the whole party is there. The song was actually off a Kratos FST someone put together, but I really liked the song and thought it worked here too. It's "In This Together" by Apoptygma Berzerk. Hope I spelled that right.

[ToA] In This Together from Ryou Shirogane on Vimeo.

Yeah, I'm totally trying to get people to watch/play this. XDD

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