Sep. 3rd, 2010 12:06 pm
ellana: (Cecille)
So. You know you've been playing a video game too much.

When you have a dream like this in a realistic setting (you go back to/are in [a] college):

And there's these toxic fumes coming out of the ground/sewage system and creating fog-smoke. Whoever breathes too much of it in can get sick. They start evacuating some people from buildings close to the source. You worry about the safety inside the buildings you're in (because it can come inside and hey what people leaving campus and hello eerie fog-smoke invading my college). There's some deal about them turning the water off at night to help prevent the problem from spreading, too. (I guess it also comes up through sewage/ground water. IDK. My dream made up some logic for it.)

And you wake up sort of confuzzled into thinking whatever was going on at this college-that-doesn't-look-like-your-college actually happened. Something should have been done about it immediately. Why didn't they call in help/the fire department/police/etc. -_-;;

And it takes you another 10 minutes or so to pinpoint the problem.
...As miasma. OTL

Yeaaaaah. I had a dream about miasma.
I now have super special insight. ...Woohoo.
(And yeah, I know miasma is a VERY common thing/a theory. But still.)

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