Aug. 18th, 2010

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So I got a letter in the mail yesterday. Apparently the local art club that I won a college scholarship from is planning to put together a gallery of work by their scholarship recipients, and they want no more than 25% of the work to be NFS. RSVP date is September 1, and they're estimating a showing in December.

Meaning this could be a really good opportunity to not only get my artwork "out there", but to potentially make a little cash. The only problem is all my art is OLD, and there's nothing I'm proud enough of to sell, and I'd be embarrassed to show a lot of it. (Plus a ton is FAN ART which is a no-go, obviously.) And actually, during high school we worked from National Geographic magazine photographs a great deal. I hadn't quite grasped the "change it up and make it your own so it's not copyright infringement" rule yet. I also REALLY NEED A PORTFOLIO. I have essentially nothing to show, even if a job popped up that I wanted (which has sorta-kinda-almost happened already). So... yeah. This could potentially be a really awesome opportunity to get myself back in the game.

The question is... what sort of media/subject matter would work best? I'm thinking... landscapes, nature, still life... I know a lot of people don't even consider comic/animanga-style to be "art" (btw, I do, as long as it's "artistic"), so I wouldn't even bother taking more than one anime-inspired piece, if that. Then again... should I really limit myself to "safe" subject matter? Or should I try something a little different? (Don't get the wrong idea... all my art ends up being "cute".)

Media... eh... I could get away with colored pencils or acrylic no problem. I'm not as sure about marker work. Maybe if it was really detailed and had "texture". Watercolor I basically fail at. Maybe mixed media. Honestly, I'd rather get a bunch of thick canvases that I wouldn't have to cut out matboard for. Matting and mounting artwork is such a pain, and so many things can go wrong. I have several nightmare stories of the adhesive spray making a mess and getting everything sticky, or of cutting mats crookedly. /s-sob.

So yeah. Thoughts? What I really need to do is set some sort of a goal for myself. Like X_number of arts a week. And I need to finish old trades/requests while I'm at it, too.
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So, I think I'm gonna make a "super special" account somewhere or other for art-related stuff. I used to post "in progress" photos back on DeviantArt and people seemed to like that, so I might keep up the trend.

But I am NOT planning on returning regularly to DeviantArt. XDD It takes forever to load on my computer, I hate the new layout(s), and also there's the whole weird copyright thing. @-@;; I've actually had my fan art published in an Italian magazine before, because it was right there on DeviantArt. I didn't know a thing about it until someone told me. :X

So yeah, be aware that anything you post online can and will be taken, including the credit!

Can you tell I'm trying to fire myself up? I'm trying to fire myself up!
I even made a rough schedule I likely have no hope of following, but hey. (One a week seemed reasonable.) Let's play art teacher, Cherry.

(Approximately 15 Weeks...?)
0.5 - Get Inspiration From Things Around You
1 - Trademark Fox - Colored Pencil, Realism, Small - How Does He Looks Now? :3
2 - Art from a Song - Pick a song you really like and convey it; your choice of media
3 - Paint a Landscape from a Photograph
4 - Wingin' It - Something with feathers or wings; your choice of media
5 - Anime Style - try turning anime/manga into fine art
6 - Missing the Beach - Find a Beach photo and revisit the seashore
7 - Tri-Color - make a work of art using only THREE colors
8 - Set Up a Still Life - sketch it out and paint it
9 - RPG Rearrange - Pick a video game and break it apart; put your favorite elements back together into something COMPLETELY different
10 - Paint Me a Mood - Pick an emotion; use color, shape, positioning, etc.
11 - Mixed Media - Mix as many mediums as you can to create a unique composition
12 - Black and White +1 - make a work of art using black and white and only ONE other color to make it pop
13 - FREE CHOICE /o/!!
14 - Art Prep/Finalization
15 - Art Prep/Finalization Part 2

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