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2010-10-02 01:56 pm

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Hngh. Allergies. =_=;;

This is just me being a fangirl. I finally got "Senketsu no Asch" volume 2 in the mail today. It is LOVE. It's just a shame the second half of the game had to be crammed into so few pages. (About half the book is when Asch temporarily joins the party after Akzeriuth if that's any indication.) But the art is very pretty, and there's lots of Natalia and Dark Wings (and a little bit of Ginji), and there's a part where Asch faints and his little not!companions bandage him up and he's all bishie. Yeah. Will have to make icons eventually. Or scan a few pages or something.

Right now I need to clean and research different kinds of armor for my arts.

And try to resist screaming at my dad for being obnoxious.
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2010-08-20 04:17 pm

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I think I'm finally kicking some creative block. I managed to polish off a rusty muse, and tags at other games are going a lot easier than they were. Now I just need to do some art this weekend!

I really wanted to join another game, but I really, REALLY do not think I'm capable of that right now, so I'm just tentatively considering apping another character at Ad Lib. I'd also talked about sending Frings to Gargleblasted, which I'd still like to do, but I definitely want to research more first and get a good, solid voice going for him before I jump into anything. I am on a Frings/Cecille kick. They're my new Shou/Liz or something. Only not.

Anyway, I still haven't canon reviewed for any of the Tales games besides Abyss, so my possible pick-ups at Ab Lib are limited to (and I think the problems with a lot of them should be pretty obvious): Anise, Cecille, Largo, Legretta, Mieu, Natalia, Tear, Yulia

Also open to one of the Dark Wings or Ginji. One day I want to see a Dark Wings trio. Someone make one with me?

Also. I NEED A NEW EMAIL ACCOUNT. Yahoo keeps changing up everything obnoxiously and I keep having to go in and disable things. I was using their old layout, but they seem to have screwed me over and forced me to update finally. SUGGESTIONS FOR EMAIL SERVICES? Suggestions for a username?

Lastly books. I am reading "The Daily Coyote" by Shreve Stockton. It's really interesting! /o/ It's non-fiction. It's about this lady from NYC who decides to move to Wyoming. Anyway she's staying with her love interest who happens to hunt coyotes for a living and one day he brings her a baby coyote and gives her the option of raising it. She accepts, so she raises this coyote puppy up in a community where people aren't exactly accepting of coyotes because they're worried about their livestock. Anyhow, she's a photographer, so she starts sending a photo of Charlie (the coyote) daily to friends and family, it spreads, and eventually spawns a mailing list and a blog. To summarize.
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2010-08-18 03:44 pm

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So, I think I'm gonna make a "super special" account somewhere or other for art-related stuff. I used to post "in progress" photos back on DeviantArt and people seemed to like that, so I might keep up the trend.

But I am NOT planning on returning regularly to DeviantArt. XDD It takes forever to load on my computer, I hate the new layout(s), and also there's the whole weird copyright thing. @-@;; I've actually had my fan art published in an Italian magazine before, because it was right there on DeviantArt. I didn't know a thing about it until someone told me. :X

So yeah, be aware that anything you post online can and will be taken, including the credit!

Can you tell I'm trying to fire myself up? I'm trying to fire myself up!
I even made a rough schedule I likely have no hope of following, but hey. (One a week seemed reasonable.) Let's play art teacher, Cherry.

(Approximately 15 Weeks...?)
0.5 - Get Inspiration From Things Around You
1 - Trademark Fox - Colored Pencil, Realism, Small - How Does He Looks Now? :3
2 - Art from a Song - Pick a song you really like and convey it; your choice of media
3 - Paint a Landscape from a Photograph
4 - Wingin' It - Something with feathers or wings; your choice of media
5 - Anime Style - try turning anime/manga into fine art
6 - Missing the Beach - Find a Beach photo and revisit the seashore
7 - Tri-Color - make a work of art using only THREE colors
8 - Set Up a Still Life - sketch it out and paint it
9 - RPG Rearrange - Pick a video game and break it apart; put your favorite elements back together into something COMPLETELY different
10 - Paint Me a Mood - Pick an emotion; use color, shape, positioning, etc.
11 - Mixed Media - Mix as many mediums as you can to create a unique composition
12 - Black and White +1 - make a work of art using black and white and only ONE other color to make it pop
13 - FREE CHOICE /o/!!
14 - Art Prep/Finalization
15 - Art Prep/Finalization Part 2
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2009-12-08 11:54 pm

I'm 24 but I act 21. Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] friendshipbeam

This meme... has nothing to do with anything, and I don't see where it proves anything. Wow. But whatever.

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In other news, my hand's bothering me a little bit again, and I'm wondering why most final episodes feel like they're lacking... something? I can only think of about 2-3 final episodes for anything that I felt were *really, really good*. But I do need to compile a list of stuff that makes me cry. For my own amusement.

Animated Dreams? tl;dr )

But I have furlough tomorrow. /o/ I am going to work on stuff and start my rewatch of "Spice and Wolf". And "Fushigi Yuugi". But Spicy Wolf is nice and short, so.

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