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Ugh. I hate having a cold. My sinuses have been having a field day and my nose won't quit being a nuisance. I'm really glad that I don't have work tomorrow or else I'd have to take a whole box of tissues!

Other than that I'm considering starting an RPG. It kind of depends on whether anyone on LJ would be interested and keep it active. I have the concept and series and all down. At which point I guess I'm obligated to say....

My idea was for a "Tales of" RPG in the same vein as "Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology" where you form fighting parties with other players' characters and complete both minor quests (like delivering goods or defeating nuisance monsters) and ones that have to do with an overlying plot that would be planned by the moderators. Yeah, I hate crossovers, but with "Tales" it kind of works because all of the games have the same basic mechanics and there's an official game crossover. If not for that, I have to praise the game for at least not sending Kratos off into outerspace. (Yes, I saw the opening for Radiant Mythology 2, and it made me immensely happy, even if Lloyd kinda sucks in RM.)

The only characters taken for sure so far are Yuan and Tear. Anyone else is fair game.
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So I was "sick" again this morning until lunch. I didn't have Chinese food this time, so I'm not sure why I felt so bad, but it was pretty horrible. I almost asked to leave.

Well, there was not much to do, but I got my main real estate page done as much as I possibly could. I/we left early every day this week... eeh. e-e;

My sticker/stationery furoku came but nothing else has. e-e; And this I ordered most recently. Anyway, the stationery is too cute. The envelope and pages are styled like teabags/teabag packaging. It's supposed to be "Extra Quality Sweet Strawberry Tea". Lawl, go figure. I know we joke about strawberry cake, but apparently Ichigo actually makes strawberry tea. Let's all get our facts straight from now on. /joke

Tomorrow I'm going to an art show with my mom and to another used bookstore. Maybe I can finish "I, Coriander" tonight so I can start "Singer" over the weekend. I also need to record this weekend. Ran, Miwa, Masha... lots of screeching. Yeah.

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