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Hngh. Allergies. =_=;;

This is just me being a fangirl. I finally got "Senketsu no Asch" volume 2 in the mail today. It is LOVE. It's just a shame the second half of the game had to be crammed into so few pages. (About half the book is when Asch temporarily joins the party after Akzeriuth if that's any indication.) But the art is very pretty, and there's lots of Natalia and Dark Wings (and a little bit of Ginji), and there's a part where Asch faints and his little not!companions bandage him up and he's all bishie. Yeah. Will have to make icons eventually. Or scan a few pages or something.

Right now I need to clean and research different kinds of armor for my arts.

And try to resist screaming at my dad for being obnoxious.


Dec. 15th, 2009 11:40 pm
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I really REALLY think lack of sleep is catching up with me. I had more blonde moments today than I care to count.

The real kicker was when I got in my Jeep to drive home and the interior lights would. not. turn off. I thought maybe they had forgotten to connect something back after they worked on it or something (I'm kind of paranoid whenever my Jeep gets worked on, and grant me this much, my current brakes need to be switched, because they make three or four different varieties of screeching noises regardless of how softly you coast to a stop), so I called my mom and she told me to just come on home, even with the lights on. Now, the solution was very SIMPLE, but I did not think to experiment with knobs and switches in my Jeep because I thought I might mess up some setting or other. So I drive home with the lights on and AS SOON AS I get in the garage... I figure it out. Apparently when I turned the headlights on, I accidentally hit another switch that locks the interior lights in the "on" position, and even when you manually try to turn them off, they will stay on until you flick the switch back to normal. Then I turned them off. And my dad is right there at the door giving me this all-knowing look, and I'm just shaking my head and flicking the lights on and off and feeling like a total retard. (But then, you all know I'm a regular genius. At least I learned something new about my Jeep that I will probably never use.)

As for yesterday... I totally forgot I had to get up early. It was raining all day Sunday and the moisture from that had frozen, so the roads were really slick. There's a hill right before you get to my workplace and cars kept sliding on it, so mom went the back way. As soon as I put my foot on the pavement in the parking lot, I could feel it sliding. Yeah. It was pretty bad - and I was really happy I didn't have to drive in it. There was an accident on a road I pass to and from work and apparently a woman got killed. =/ Because of the weather.

The Jeep repairs were supposedly very minor, though, and aside from my failage today, it seems to be working fine.

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