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you girls are the stuff dreams are made of........

Ya’ll are slicker that butter and jelly on 2 slices of bread…….
I see you doing those ads as fast as I put them in…
Love ya

Um. So I'm better than a sandwich. Okay!
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According to the Santa letters going in this newspaper, the 3DS (or DS in one form or another) seems to be winning by a landslide.

...I feel bad for the parents of the kid who asked for a million bucks in addition to three gaming systems and a number of other items.
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I need hugs.

It turns out Jake's condition was worse than we thought... He had fluid in and around his lungs as a result of some sort of heart disease. He's always had a heart murmur and they think it actually worsened... They said there was no cure and we could try to draw some of the fluid out (means he would have spent a miserable weekend at the emergency clinic), or... we could have him euthanized. That it might help temporarily but we'd likely be right back where we were, that he seemed to be suffering...

And that if it was their cat, they'd have him put down. So we decided that instead of prolonging his death and stressing him out with a trip to the clinic, since there was no hope... In short we gave him the consent to do it. And we're going to have him cremated. And neither of us (me and dad) could bear to see him one more time and my heart is just breaking and the tears won't stop and this reminds me of when I had to make the same call when Bubbles got sick and I hate it. And it's just so.

Rest in peace, Jake.
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This house is going to drive me nuts.

So like a week ago we took Jake (our cat) in to have his teeth cleaned, and he was very unhappy and indignant about that but he was doing fairly okay until a few days later when he started yanking his hair out - something he's never really done before. The vet said it was probably stress or maybe his ears were bugging him (they cleaned them too when he got his teeth worked on), so they gave him a shot to hopefully calm him down a little and make his ears stop itching.

So then Jake was a little mopey, but not too much, but now he's gotten REALLY mopey and hasn't been eating much. Jake is ruled by food, so this is a pretty clear sign he's not feeling so hot. Mom calls the vet and he tells her to keep an eye on him and if he doesn't get better in a few days to bring him in.

So now both of my parents are worried about the cat, and mom keeps likening it to when Peppermint got sick. But there is one GLARING difference. Peppermint had feline leukemia. He was also the runt, He only lived for two years, the last few months of which we fed him with a syringe. But Jake passed his senior screening with flying colors and has always been healthy aside from some trouble with his ears getting dirty. So dad's acting all tsundere and jerkish and worried and mom's feeling all guilty and helpless and worried. (Because she took him to get his teeth cleaned even though she was on the fence about it and dad didn't want her to and "now look what's happened".) And I'm worried to some extent but up until recently have not been too largely concerned about the whole thing.

Now? I'm at the point where I'm mentally unsuring and wondering to myself if maybe there actually was something to my thinking Jake felt like he'd lost a little weight. But the thing that gets to me most is the fact that mom's nearly teared up twice tonight over the cat (I'm not so heartless that I'm unaffected by my mom crying...) and she KEEPS COMPARING IT TO PEPPER. Mom please quit being paranoid or else you're going to make yourself feel even worse. Jake is not Pepper. We're all keeping an eye on him and if things don't get better, we'll take him back to the vet...
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What in the world...?!

It was perfectly fine (except for some Sheridan!fanservice) up until the final two volumes and then it did a complete 180 turn and I think my brain just exploded.

It. just. exploded.

This manga is now a complete and total AU...! Shounen-style.

...And also Legretta is 85% naked. You need to know this.


Aug. 23rd, 2011 02:56 pm
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Sat here contemplating ducking under my workdesk and instead watched the picture frame on the wall rattle for about a minute...

Knew exactly what it was when it started and kept going for more than ten seconds, still kind of in mild shock like "What... seriously...?" This is the second earthquake I've ever felt and the longer/bigger of the two.

They said it was a 5.8 to 5.9 centered in Mineral, VA closer to Richmond/D.C./Charlottesville, felt as far as NYC and NC. No significant damage reported. Cellphones downish. That's all.
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To those it may concern:

I've found some free webhosting and am in the process of reuploading my Tokyo Mew Mew fansite as it was in 2008/2009/2010. I am making ABSOLUTELY NO PROMISES about any new content, but I may fix up some loose ends if I'm inclined to do so at a later date. (We'll see what happens.)

I had started uploading pages to livejournal, but that was just way too tedious, and this host actually allows FTP/PHP so it's just a matter of drag-and-dropping all the content from a folder on my laptop onto the site server.

I'll post the link as soon as the site's presentable.

That's it. Thanks!
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my thread
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Stress is awful I want to die. Protip: Don't ever procrastinate. Not even about printing a list.
...And I still have to get my art there. And go to the reception. And stuff. But otherwise I'm done.



Dec. 17th, 2010 05:18 pm
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Or more accurately, ten days.
And then I won't have to flail over arts anymore.
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Hngh... Why do I do this procrastinating thing to myself every single time?

Got call from arts lady.
I was so nervous I think I was rude and rambling and cut her off. LOL. X_X!! GJ self.

But I emailed her (bad) photos of stuff which she needed. And apparently the bio for this is an artist's statement after all, so I need to get writing and hope I do it correctly. And get people to proof it.

Buuuut before all that I need to hit the sack. Still got work!work to flail about in addition to exhibit!work.


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Does anyone know anything about writing a biography for an art exhibit? You know, the little one-sheet bio that goes beside your art that has a thumbnail of one of your pieces and a blurb about yourself? Actually I think that's an artist's statement... The bio is something different from what I've read. Only about a paragraph that's a summary of your education and art experience (which I have very little of, so)... but I bet they'll want a statement, too. =_=;;

Apparently I have to have one "ASAP". I've never written one ever and I don't want to just BS something... Needless to say I'm a bit put-out about how unorganized this whole thing is. We sent back applications so they could send us contracts...well only two of us have apparently completed applications (they didn't say which two) and they emailed us the contracts (all of us) anyhow...then mailed us corrected contracts the next day. We are getting down to the wire and it seems like they're procrastinating more than I am - and they hold exhibits ALL THE TIME.

Is this an artist thing? :|

In RP news...there really isn't any...? I've been mucking about in dressing rooms a bit, but I just can't bring myself to commit to an actual pan-fandom game (amended because I am still in my own game - but I don't think that actually counts). Maybe an extended break is a blessing in disguise, and yet it's also extremely frustrating.

IRL news? Not much here either. Did some Christmas shopping on Wednesday and have been [slowly] working on arts. And getting frustrated about that, too. :X
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I saw Tangled today! ♥ I do not regret a minute of it.
Best Disney movie I have seen in a long time.

I could tl;dr about it, but instead I will just try to spread the happy feelings I got from this movie.

Ajdeskfsjdfksd it was just so cute~ =w=!!
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In which I blah blah about doujin. I guess I should be doing this on [livejournal.com profile] selenaria but this is a little more comfy for me. If you don't care, skip the cut. XD

Read more... )

In other news, no I'm not dead? I've been (slowly) working on art stuffs. I've also been busy at work because it's the holidays. It's not really fair because I work super hard for three days to get everything done...to have one day off which I'll spend half of driving to/from and sitting around. Oh well. At least there will be turkey and at least work Friday should be super slow (although that's not necessarily a good thing either).
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I wonder if I'm a bad person for sneaking candy.

1) I think it was meant for the whole dept. even though she put it on Sean's desk.
3) He said "this is an awful lot of candy for one person haha".
4) He shoved it off on an empty desk as soon as she walked away. Visual cue of 'I don't want this'.

The press guys would steal it all if it just sat there. So I nabbed two pieces for myself, and a few for my folks and locked the pumpie up so our department can enjoy it for many days to come. So was that bad of me? Lol.


(Yes, I mean [livejournal.com profile] regalblaze [livejournal.com profile] sugarvoice.)
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Hngh. Allergies. =_=;;

This is just me being a fangirl. I finally got "Senketsu no Asch" volume 2 in the mail today. It is LOVE. It's just a shame the second half of the game had to be crammed into so few pages. (About half the book is when Asch temporarily joins the party after Akzeriuth if that's any indication.) But the art is very pretty, and there's lots of Natalia and Dark Wings (and a little bit of Ginji), and there's a part where Asch faints and his little not!companions bandage him up and he's all bishie. Yeah. Will have to make icons eventually. Or scan a few pages or something.

Right now I need to clean and research different kinds of armor for my arts.

And try to resist screaming at my dad for being obnoxious.
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I saw some photos of her (as opposed to the prototype) and I was worried she was going to be fugly, but she actually turned out quite nice. My biggest complaint is that...if you look at her from views other than front/back and 3/4...her clothes totally make her look fat. But she is nice. Maybe not 7800 yen nice, but nice. Also the box was way plain.

You know what I think a neat figure would be, though? Luke at the end with the Key of Lorelei pressed down into the ground. The base could be Eldrant-style tiles and he could have his jacket tails flying out behind him. It'd be awesome. Also suddenly -- final form Van would look way cool with that pattern on his arm and the feathers. And Asch...maybe doing that sword-close-to-face pose from the OP sequence, or kinda like when he's casting artes... Yeah. Forget it. Onward!

(This figure is not a toy. Ages 15 & up. >:/ !!!)

Cut for large images. )


Sep. 3rd, 2010 12:06 pm
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So. You know you've been playing a video game too much.

When you have a dream like this in a realistic setting (you go back to/are in [a] college):

And there's these toxic fumes coming out of the ground/sewage system and creating fog-smoke. Whoever breathes too much of it in can get sick. They start evacuating some people from buildings close to the source. You worry about the safety inside the buildings you're in (because it can come inside and hey what people leaving campus and hello eerie fog-smoke invading my college). There's some deal about them turning the water off at night to help prevent the problem from spreading, too. (I guess it also comes up through sewage/ground water. IDK. My dream made up some logic for it.)

And you wake up sort of confuzzled into thinking whatever was going on at this college-that-doesn't-look-like-your-college actually happened. Something should have been done about it immediately. Why didn't they call in help/the fire department/police/etc. -_-;;

And it takes you another 10 minutes or so to pinpoint the problem.
...As miasma. OTL

Yeaaaaah. I had a dream about miasma.
I now have super special insight. ...Woohoo.
(And yeah, I know miasma is a VERY common thing/a theory. But still.)
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I dunno why but today has just been blah. Nothing bad actually happened, but I've been in an awful mood and can't get any decent art done. I was making some headway, but the coloring turned out poorly and it just looks ugly. And then I couldn't concentrate. It's really frustrating to keep trying when things go like that and it's like "how do I get back to where I was?"

A big chunk of today I spent playing ToA. That was frustrating too! Lol. I picked a very nonstrategic party to take on the boss in Megiorra Highlands, so I had to do it over three times (and knock the difficulty down to Hard) because I felt like a jerk when the timer ran out. Gahhhhhhh Ginji.

Also I am worried I'm going to miss the cut-off points for Yulia City Help sidequest and the Ant Lion Man. Because I have no miracle gel. And no maces. And Chesedonia is sold out. Also Asch was being a major douchebag at the Desert Oasis. I didn't remember him being that big of a douchebag. It made me want to throw things. He called Natalia an idiot and was saying dumb stuff. I should rewatch it just to make sure I caught all the crap coming out of that guy's mouth. XDD Ugh. Also if you have no context, you'd swear the guy was crazy, suicidal, and um... crazy. (...)

But I got to canon review for Frings and Cecille somewhat. :D I always hated the war stuff so this is the first time I'm really paying attention and squeeing. So now it's very like OH THAT IS WHEN THEY MET I SEE. It's so cute they're both worried about the party. I will figure those two out yet. Also debating switching up party members and replaying multiple times for that to see what variations I get quotes-wise. I haven't seen much so far, but it changes a little - specifically which party you throw Luke in; also if Guy goes to Kaitzur he tells Cecille to be careful and that throws her off.

On that subject, I've been wanting to be a tard and share my poster. )

Roleplaying... I am way behind again. I'm hoping to kinda start over with the de-aging event at GB and just keep the logs going. At Ad Lib and PX I just have a few things to reply to and that mod event log (or two) to start. I think the de-aging event is going to be fun. I have ideas for Asch already, and Meer should also be interesting since I'm going to try to de-age her to before her surgery, but keep her knowledge of the SS Thor. That's a theme I've really come to like with her - the whole "what makes a person beautiful" deal. I feel so bad, though, because everyone's like "you're pretty! :D" and she's like "oh! well thank you very much! ♥" and a little part of her soul cries each time. :/

Hopefully tomorrow will be better for art. Ironically the one thing that came out looking decent was a rough draft/thumbnail sketch for what my fox piece might look like.

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