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Kukai update.

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And a better shot of Utau. Nana and Nana back to back.
(Note: Nana Mizuki voices both Utau and Colette)

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Yeah, plenty of crap has happened, (traffic light breaking and me having a nerve-wracking time getting home, saw a cat at work, evil centipedes on the ceiling, the usual blahness, voice acting, drawing, much reading and anime watching) but nothing life-changing, so I don't feel like ranting about it. I really don't know.

Apparently we unknowingly adopted the deer herd, though. They are sleeping in our yard at night (as in laying down on their legs and chilling in plain view).

I'm so darn restless. I need something fun (and something that will not cause trouble) for me to do.

Maybe I should work on my Elishou AU! fic some more since I have people interested now. ^^;
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Star Player has been approved. I REALLY need to fix up the layout better, but if you are a fan of Kukai from Shugo Chara!, please join. :D


I'm still doing about the same. I have today to myself to record and work on my website(s) and whatnot. I keep telling my mom a lot of things are troubling me, but she just tells me to not worry about stuff, but I can't really help it. One of my more predominant worries are my feet (my nails) which look horrific.

Cut for those who might get squeamish. )

As for my anime list, both CLANNAD and Shugo Chara! are playing filler, which I do not like, although I feel slightly bad for mixing up part of the plot from the preview. The idea of forcing people to chara-transform isn't too bad of a tactic, but I wish they'd focus on the main/supporting cast as opposed to one-episoders and background characters. Really, Nagihiko will probably be what saves the beginning of this season. (If he ever shows up.)

Vampire Knight is staying interesting, and ef - a tale of melodies has finally started to crack through its confusing and cryptic atmosphere and I can once again say that I adore that series to death, with it's artsy presentation and often dreamlike story-telling. For example, Kuze seems as if he might have split personalities or have a bad prescription of medicine, so sometimes when he goes deep into thought or falls asleep he sees two copies of himself against a colorful inner-clock background. Each copy has half a mask. His image is centered around masks. On the other hand, when Yu is remembering his past, the series puts a border around those scenes as if it were a story book. Sunsetscapes are predominant, and the show will often cut away to images of other things, are switch art styles without explanation. It makes the show an acquired taste, since not a whole lot often happens, but for people who enjoy art or the surreal, or just looking at something beautiful, it does an interesting job of it.

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I never knew finishing (not quite) a fanlisting could be so exhausting. I hope it gets approved even though today was the deadline. X_X

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Wow... just... wow... and it took no less than 29 days to find this out, too...

"Your shipment was returned to us yesterday, due to a mis-sort by the
carrier. The items on your order were in damaged condition in the returned
package. We placed an order for brand new replacements for you, and the
replacements are currently on back-order with the publisher. Do you wish
to keep these items on back-order, cancel the order and receive a refund,
or cancel the back-order and order other items?

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you."

My soul cries for you, Kukai.
And the sad thing is I could have gotten it [Shugo Chara! volume 4] at the bookstore any of the past three weekends because we went there every time... Bwah. No more buying manga online if they have them at the local store, even if it costs less online...

I just hope Utau survived hurricane Ike...

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