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I stayed up late watching Shugo Chara! and Earl and Fairy. Sir Edgar is so... beautifully dangerous. Lydia is an idiot for falling for his tricks. But... this is Hikaru Midorikawa we're talking about. He pulls off the gentleman and he pulls off the villain. So well! Eesh. What he doesn't pull off well... is the ending song. ^^; Lydia is played by Nana Mizuki (Fate (Nanoha), Colette (Tales of Symphonia), Utau (Shugo Chara!) and about a million other female leads). I love her.

Went to see Mamma Mia! with my mom today. It was a bit too rambunctious and squealy for my tastes, but I love Abba's songs. And the idea isn't bad... a girl trying to figure out who her dad is. It's just the female characters are so rowdy and loud and ridiculous. o.o" (I mean, come on, one of the women stuck something between her legs and was impersonating a guy. That was too much for me. I was embarrassed for her.) The girl playing Sophie was very pretty, though. My mom really enjoyed it, apparently, although she didn't say much about it other than it was "entertaining, a little cheesy, and definitely a chick flick". I described it as (and no offense, because I like what I compared it to) "A bad Bollywood movie with good music."

And in keeping up with Kitchen Princess... today's picture. I read it already - it was short. Daichi is love. He needs to hurry and confess. And yes, those are Oddish and Kyuubimon. My love for foxes extends into Digimon. Vulpix is actually on the other side of my bed with Gatomon/Tailmon.

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Oct. 19th, 2008 12:38 am
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I was discussing my insecurities and concerns with someone and asked about what I could possibly do to cheer myself up. The person I was talking to told me that their perspective was changed when they began looking at things to be grateful for. Yes, I have a lot to be thankful for, but it doesn't really make me feel much better about the way things are right now. So I decided I needed to either a) go on a break or b) start a project that lots of people could do if they wanted that wouldn't require a lot of time. Something that could be done offline too, because everyone seems to be busy nowadays. I came up with a few ideas, one of which was taking a picture of something every day. I liked the idea enough to decide to post a picture of -something- on my LJ for every day. It might be a batch for a week or a picture a day or some combination. If anyone else would like to join in, feel welcome to. All you have to do is snap a picture of something each day - it can be somethig stupid if you wish, and share it. Or you can even keep them to yourself, but that kinda defeats the point. ^^; This is just my way of coping and learning to appreciate what I have and hopefully help me to see my world in a more positive light. Unfortunately, today's image is blurry. I tried to fix it a little bit. The ones in the future will be better.

Here is a large group of deer that come visit us just about every day. They are very brave.
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Don't let me go shopping anymore! @-@

Well, first we went to the art show. Some of the work was really awesome and it really made me want to try experimenting with my camera and finish some paintings I had started. I want to paint landscapes/animals again. ^^;;

Then we ate Arbys. Yay~ --man, why do the neighbors have to ride a 4-wheeler through the woods every single afternoon? It's so distracting. I hate it. People mow at the worst times, too. At least the deer aren't scared of it. Lawl.

Then we went to the used bookstore. Looked around and finally found a small stack of manga. (Lawl they had TMM 4). Anyway, they were only $1.50 each! Ahh! So I grabbed the ones I was interested in - they had Dream Saga 2 & 3 (never bought them and now you can't find them), Cyber Idol Mink 1 (I've been wanting to read this for a while thanks to Satou-chan) and Card Captor Sakura 6 (I don't have any CCS manga anymore, but they're the nice versions with the color art and it's the end/SyaoranxSakura confession~ *heart*).

Then we went to Barnes & Noble where I was determined to snatch up Shugo Chara! 4 once and for all. I also got S.A. 1.

THEN we went to Big Lots and... they had some anime. First I saw an Angel Tales boxset... I do not know much about the series (I didn't get it), but then I saw the Galaxy Angel box set behind it for $10. It's special edition and has two mini clear boards and five mini figures and some pamphlets. So I slink over to my mom and I'm like "Look what I found...? =D" Well, I paid for my stuff. ^^; The only thing my mom bought me was I wanted a tear-off calendar for my desk for next year and I saw one advertized as "cute/adorable!!" with all these baby animal pictures and it was the last one. Come on, how can you resist a little baby red panda? So I asked her to get it for me for Christmas. ^^; I think staring at cute animals each day would put a smile on my face. ^^; I love cute things, okay? Who doesn't?

So that's my shopping excursion. e-e; Well, they were mostly bargains, so I spent like $40 in the end which isn't terrible... For six books and a boxset? Granted two of the books look like they've been sitting in a basement for a while, but still, that's doing okay, right? And I'm helping the economy!! (Not really but I can dream. ^^;)

Now to clean and paint. =D!

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