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Rain, cold... brrr... I've been sleeping with two blankets already and now I'm upgrading to winter pajamas. I like being cozy, okay? ;_; (Although I hate being hot... makes no sense.)

Is anyone else going to see Fireproof? :)
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Cherry got an A on Standard/Basic. Yay.

I tell you things are sucky, but but but...! God is good. =/ I can say that because someone was fishtailing this morning coming around a curb. (Never seen it before, it's creepy... I wouldn't know what to do in that situation.) If they had swerved too much, or if it had been different circumstances, I could have been in trouble. Just like yesterday with the two huge puddles I "swam" through - I could have easily hydroplaned or whatever. But I didn't.

Long weekend. I just need to get motivated first so I'll accomplish much.
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Cherry does not like driving in the rain.
At least "Kratos" can swim through puddles. Two of them in fact. Back-to-back.

Scared me to death because I didn't see them until a "swoosh!!" of water appeared on my left side. And I got drenched in the parking lot. Whee...

I am ready for you, Friday.

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