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Let's try to summarize what's been up, although this will likely be mostly a fandom post.

My hands still hurt because I suck and can't leave the computer alone. I want to write. I want to interact with people. I can only take so much reading and watching TV. I get bored watching TV for too long, even if it's something I like. However, because of this I have finished reading "Piratica" and I'm also about halfway through Gundam Seed Destiny (episode 24, I think?) and have plans to rewatch Fushigi Yuugi after that. I will probably read "Piratica II" during my vacation if I can, because the pages are jagged and it'd be difficult to flip during lunch at work.

Piratica... Piratica never takes itself entirely seriously, does it? There are lots of coincidences, lots of plot twists I predicted, but looking beyond its flaws, it was enjoyable in being amusing. Fun. Not the greatest book ever, but good for a chuckle.

It's also giving me a little bit of insight for Sky Tides, which I'm pretty excited about. And I ended up dropping Permanent Way. I hadn't done much at all but I still lament losing the Vesperia cast. Drops are harder than apps. But on the bright side I think I'm doing a liiitle bit better with Ad Libitum, and I might app someone else at Memento Eden. Probably either Tasuki or Nuriko unless someone else wants to app one of them? Tasuki's actually my favorite, but Nuriko (I actually have a wall scroll of him that overlooks my computer desk XD) would be nice because he has a different character type. I keep drawing similarities between Tasuki and Lloyd and I'd rather keep all my characters as different as possible. I've run into this problem at Ad Libitum with Tear and Kratos, because they both revert back to "srs bsns". Although, on the flip side, switching back and forth between characters that are vastly different gives me whiplash. XD

Oh well, we'll rewatch the show and see who I can relate to the most, I guess.

Cut for rambling about doujinshi. You can skip all this. )

Work this week was not bad at all compared to last week where I nearly killed myself. Thanksgiving was just me and mom, but the food was good. Turkey, dressing, gravy, green beans, yeast rolls, creamed potatoes, tea, Boston cream pie. Works for me. ;^;

And it's really weird only having one fish now... Like it used to be a bit of a pain to clean out two fishbowls at once, but now there's only one. And it looks like the other side of the shelf needs something. Circadia seems to be a little more active these days, too. He was always the healthier fish, but it's nice to see him being all swimmy-swimmy.
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I finally beat Arietta!! Heck yeahs! Killing a bunch of monsters and bandits to gain a few levels and you know, lending a hand to world peace, ganging up on her, and taking her out first and it was super easy. :D ♥

...but then there was the sword dancer. =_=; Screw this. XD

Cut for Ad Libitum RPG and 'Tales of' Stuff. )

I also got a paid for [livejournal.com profile] fixmyresolve. I'm not sure why, but looking for prettyful Lloyd icons should be fun. I want to musebox kinda... Hey Jisu, would you want to musebox what we were talking about last night...? One of those three things? I need to mess around with my not-quite muses and see if they'll evolve. You know, like Pokemon.
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*headdesk* Do not want... drama.

I have no place to say this, since I am quite honestly selectively nice and selectively mean, and just plain selective, and half the time I am completely unpleasant to be around, but... please don't talk about me behind me back. Yes, I will probably be unhappy if I am cornered, but I would much rather people face me directly than to wonder what's up with me in groups and... stuff. That I eventually find out about or am told about by one of said people.

IDK... I am a paranoid person, and being like that just makes me even more paranoid.

But I'm not mad at anybody. I have pretty much been skimping out on you guys. But it's not even just you guys, and it's nothing against any of you personally either. I've also been skimping on my own website, my art... and some other people. I think I must randomly choose to push people aside to 'save myself', and I'm really sorry. I'm not above admitting that I screw up. Frequently.

On the bright side, I actually got to talk with a certain someone for more than two minutes... Not sure if I really helped, but maybe that's progress? Ne, ne, even if I didn't make you feel any better, wasn't it kind of nice sorta-kinda to have a conversation again? Only a few more weeks. Geez...

I'm not sure how work's gonna go down this week. We were short-handed today. Not looking forward to it, really.
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Bookstore report part 256?

Yes, right. I went in for Shugo Chara! volume 6 which came out at the end of last month. Right? Right.
...... And doggonit Skip Beat! 18 was out and there was only one copy and my brain was going "OMGGETITGETITNAO!!". XD I think I literally swooped down and grabbed it. The guy reading manga in the T-Z section probably noticed without me complaining "Why do they all always come out at the same time?". I only regret that I got so amused I was snerking in the car and felt the need to explain to my mom how... erm... "dramatic" Kyoko is. Not that she cares, but when I randomly laugh at what I'm reading, I feel strange. Like I need to explain it.

So, yes! It was a lovely volume, and it gave me a whole monologue about Ren. Not that I can use much of it to help my roleplaying, but it did shed a teeny bit of light on his overly mysterious self. And I love how Kyoko was drawn in her role. You could totally see the resemblance to who she was using as her inspiration for the role. And it was kind of scary. But in a good way! (Also: "Tsuruga-ism"?)

As for the other book I'm reading, "When the Gods are Silent" is an older book by Jane Lindskold (author of the Firekeeper Saga I truly love and would recommend to any fantasy/"she-talks-to-animals" fans). I must say it's not as good as I had hoped, and I'm not sure she (Lindskold) should write books under 600 pages. Well, it's got a good premise, but it feels like I'm reading a synopsis. They're on a journey and keep going from town to town, but they never stay anywhere for more than a few pages. Long enough to name the town, describe its commerce and politics, have Bryax and Rabble both fight something and get drunk and then move on. I can see a lot of parallels to Firekeeper, though. Rabble, like Firekeeper, seems to have a connection to her animals, though not as strong, they both get seasick, they're both strong female leads that are practically untameable... also some of the ideas are the same: magic disappearing, references to dieties, animals that almost act human, and that detail the author has for describing the different sorts of cultures she creates. One sounded suspiciously like the New Kelvinese. A little. It was only a phrase on a page, however.

Otherwise, I've basically been roleplaying. Too much A lot at Memento Eden. Not so much at Ad Libitum. Well, at Ad Lib I feel the need to always reply with paragraphs because Katana and CryptGirl always leave me nice long replies. I promise I'll get to it! I'll get back to Yuan and his crankyness. D=

But back to Memento Eden. I'll just apologize now for trying to be humorous. Haaa...

And... it still frightens me that people keep doing the "Lllloydddd~" thing. Four times. Fangirls.
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Ugh. I hate having a cold. My sinuses have been having a field day and my nose won't quit being a nuisance. I'm really glad that I don't have work tomorrow or else I'd have to take a whole box of tissues!

Other than that I'm considering starting an RPG. It kind of depends on whether anyone on LJ would be interested and keep it active. I have the concept and series and all down. At which point I guess I'm obligated to say....

My idea was for a "Tales of" RPG in the same vein as "Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology" where you form fighting parties with other players' characters and complete both minor quests (like delivering goods or defeating nuisance monsters) and ones that have to do with an overlying plot that would be planned by the moderators. Yeah, I hate crossovers, but with "Tales" it kind of works because all of the games have the same basic mechanics and there's an official game crossover. If not for that, I have to praise the game for at least not sending Kratos off into outerspace. (Yes, I saw the opening for Radiant Mythology 2, and it made me immensely happy, even if Lloyd kinda sucks in RM.)

The only characters taken for sure so far are Yuan and Tear. Anyone else is fair game.

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