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So I was looking up Skip Beat! clips trying to find something showing the curse dolls because I mentioned them in AL blast (we were talking about Dist) and I stumbled across this amazing Skip Beat! Megamix video that a bunch of people contributed to, and I thought I'd share it. :DDD *bricked*

This seriously makes me want to make a Sho or Maria journal for the heck of it. Fff... *needs to rewatch this show for lulz*

This series never fails to amuse me except for all the recent cliffhangers and confusion. Gosh.


Oct. 9th, 2009 09:59 pm
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Chapter 147... It was...

...far too short! Ren, you scare me. Really. To think he would say something like that... and to think his "first kiss" turned out like that.

In other news Tear has abandoned us. No, no... I mean she snuck off in the game. I swear everyone is so OBVIOUSLY SUSPICIOUS. All the time. And I got through my least favorite places some more, although I'll be back no doubt, those being Meggiora Highlands and Daath Cathedral. I *HATE* Daath Cathedral. It's too big. Too long. Too confusing. I also have confirmed that I suck playing as Jade and Anise. I can fight okay as anyone else... just not them. D: Especially Anise.

So, IRL segment...

How embarrassing. So I had people bullying me into taking my birthday off. XDDD It was kind of funny when you think about it. Instead I took off Friday, so I'll have only a 3 day week, and I'll be around for real estate and the dumb Ladies Night Out gang page Valerie has me doing. This actually works out better for everybody, and it works out way better for me, too. I won't have to do three days worth of real estate in one day this way.

I also asked for two days in December off because my parents want to go to Virginia Beach to see the Christmas lights. I think it'll be fun.

But man work gave me a headache today. Oh well, three day weekend! Bonzai!
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Note to self: You left off at the Christmas Special - Lucky Number 25 After.
Hurry up and finish reading Skip Beat, self.

I forgot how much this manga makes me laugh out loud. Luffs.

And Ren... my Ren must rise to that level. To be Ren-like and calm and gentlemanly and yet he still has this personality that keeps him from being dull. I am too comfortable with being dull. That's no good. Let's work on that.

I'll catch up with everything else tomorrow.
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Bookstore report part 256?

Yes, right. I went in for Shugo Chara! volume 6 which came out at the end of last month. Right? Right.
...... And doggonit Skip Beat! 18 was out and there was only one copy and my brain was going "OMGGETITGETITNAO!!". XD I think I literally swooped down and grabbed it. The guy reading manga in the T-Z section probably noticed without me complaining "Why do they all always come out at the same time?". I only regret that I got so amused I was snerking in the car and felt the need to explain to my mom how... erm... "dramatic" Kyoko is. Not that she cares, but when I randomly laugh at what I'm reading, I feel strange. Like I need to explain it.

So, yes! It was a lovely volume, and it gave me a whole monologue about Ren. Not that I can use much of it to help my roleplaying, but it did shed a teeny bit of light on his overly mysterious self. And I love how Kyoko was drawn in her role. You could totally see the resemblance to who she was using as her inspiration for the role. And it was kind of scary. But in a good way! (Also: "Tsuruga-ism"?)

As for the other book I'm reading, "When the Gods are Silent" is an older book by Jane Lindskold (author of the Firekeeper Saga I truly love and would recommend to any fantasy/"she-talks-to-animals" fans). I must say it's not as good as I had hoped, and I'm not sure she (Lindskold) should write books under 600 pages. Well, it's got a good premise, but it feels like I'm reading a synopsis. They're on a journey and keep going from town to town, but they never stay anywhere for more than a few pages. Long enough to name the town, describe its commerce and politics, have Bryax and Rabble both fight something and get drunk and then move on. I can see a lot of parallels to Firekeeper, though. Rabble, like Firekeeper, seems to have a connection to her animals, though not as strong, they both get seasick, they're both strong female leads that are practically untameable... also some of the ideas are the same: magic disappearing, references to dieties, animals that almost act human, and that detail the author has for describing the different sorts of cultures she creates. One sounded suspiciously like the New Kelvinese. A little. It was only a phrase on a page, however.

Otherwise, I've basically been roleplaying. Too much A lot at Memento Eden. Not so much at Ad Libitum. Well, at Ad Lib I feel the need to always reply with paragraphs because Katana and CryptGirl always leave me nice long replies. I promise I'll get to it! I'll get back to Yuan and his crankyness. D=

But back to Memento Eden. I'll just apologize now for trying to be humorous. Haaa...

And... it still frightens me that people keep doing the "Lllloydddd~" thing. Four times. Fangirls.
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Agh, go way! Your presence is not wanted and the next time I see you I shall grab you by one of your ugly little wimpy legs and roast you on a fire! BAH! Leavemealone! NOW! The world doesn't need more ugly, obnoxious creatures in it!

I hate theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem. Why can't they just go away?! T_T WAH.


So I was bad and had too much fun at the bookstore. They restocked Skip Beat! volume 17! YAY!
.....I don't know what to think of Ren anymore. How am I supposed to play this guy? What is he? God's chosen or some-- well, no spoilers here. XD

Kitchen Princess 9... insane plot twist of DOOM. What? WHHHAAAAT?! Fff...

And I also got Skip Beat! 2. Trying to fill the gap in my collection.

They had like 20 copies of Vampire Knight 6. I am NOT even exaggerating. It was crazy.

And my not-so-much like of carbonated drinks has escalated! I can live... without them.

But chocolate and Japanese food? No. They were much appreciated this weekend.

/end hyper post

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