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I apologize but I'll be blunt. So far I'm keeping to my New Year's Resolution. ...I think.

I pretty much abandoned DeviantArt, so that means I'm going to spam this journal with "in progress" art. But I'll LJ-cut them.

Like so. )
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So has anyone ever heard of Kumikyoku NicoNico Douga? If no, it's this medley of popular anime/game songs and there are a lot of fan-fanmade parody versions out there based on specific fandoms. A couple years ago I cam across one for Symphonia (which was hilarious, btw). Today I found two different versions for Abyss (by almost complete accident). I am now under the impression that everyone in Japan sings. Also saw that leaked Tales of Graces opening. 'Twas awesome. Cheria and Asbel look so nifty. I like the song, too.

In other news, watched "Jumper". Was pretty good. Not the best thing ever, but enjoyable, yes, and having read the sequel book, "Reflex", (not the first one, though) helped. It's about this guy who discovers he can teleport himself... or "jump". Well, I thought the effects were handled well. But the poor library...

Also, my scanner has now decided to be a butt and refuses to work. Mind, I have a scanner/printer/copier that works, but this was my first scanner ever and it works so much BETTER (it's also like... 9 1/2 years old... haa). I guess if this is the first time it's decided not to work on me, it did a pretty good job. The part that makes me mad, though, is I hid the scanner CD from myself for the second time (I had to dig around and find it a few weeks ago, only to discover it wasn't compatible with my new laptop, now I've lost it again).

I voted.

Nov. 18th, 2008 10:07 pm
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In the Tales character ranking poll. And everyone else who plays the games should too. *bricked*

[ LINK ]

Select the character by clicking on the radio button under his/her picture. Click the left white button at the bottom to confirm after selecting your character. It'll take you to a page with just that character's icon, so then click the white left button again to submit your vote. You'll be linked to a wallpaper at the end.

And no, I'm not telling you who I voted for...

And yes, I considered writing in a character's name, but I figured that vote would be wasted. ...I still love you, Yuan. DX

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